Angora Gold Scarf

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Product Information

Super Soft! Glittery and Fashionable!

The upside to using donated yarn is that sometimes the project is so fantastic because you are forced to be created. Also these items can truly be one-of-a-kind because you can’t find yarn exactly like it again.

The downside to using donated yarn is that sometimes you are not sure what you are working with…so you can’t tell anyone how to find it either.

This scarf was fun to make. When I look at it reminds me of the friend I was visiting with while I crocheted it…one reason I like to crochet is the personal side. Each piece was created while I was thinking of great people, thoughts and remnants of my day.

Because this scarf was made of donated fibers all proceeds will go to Living Ministries.

I would hand wash this scarf or at leas put it in a garment bag and wash on cold…line dry only!

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Proudly made by Summer Clemenson.