Easter Egg Hunt Handbag

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Product Information

I was given some fun fluffy multi-colored yarn in pastels. I love the texture of this yarn because it is bumpy and has white hair-like fibers attached to it. I have used some before for a bag we donated to a benefit for Relay for Life and decided that it is just perfect for bags…So I picked up some Cream colored Carron yarn and mixed it together.

The bag is created from several pieces put together. The main body is 2 strands of Cream and one of the fluffy pastel yarn, accented by 4 strands of Cream to add body, and really add to the purse look.

This bag is perfect for travel, like all my bags because it is made entirely of yarn. Even the button on the front is made of yarn.

This bag features a large main section and a smaller pocket for small things; perfect for your cell phone.

What is even more perfect is that it is made of 100% Acrylic which means: Machine Wash Warm. Tumble Dry Low. I would suggest washing and drying in a garment bag to protect this bag from snagging on any items you wash it with.

If we can arrange to meet you in the Kelso-Longview, Washington area for hand delivery we will be glad to give you $5 back instead of charging you for s/h. If you would prefer to not pay with Paypal or Credit Card or arrange a face-to-face meeting please Contact Us. Face-to-Face, cash transactions will NOT include the $7 fee at all… :)

Proudly made by Summer Clemenson.