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Our Mission Statement:

Building Relationships & Meeting Needs in Our Community

Our Purpose & Vision:

The Purpose & Vision of Living Ministries is to build relationships and fill needs in our community. We will succeed by supporting our Affiliate Ministries through marketing and promotion and fundraising efforts and showcasing events and programs of other nonprofits and organizations that help people in Cowlitz County. We will do this by dropping our egos & doing what we can to create a database of all resources in our community, work toward completion of specific projects with other organizations as we feel led to be part of, promoting volunteerism and loving people, as they are, as Jesus would love them.

Our Target Population

While Living Ministries serves all community members seeking information & resources made available by organizations in our community, we truly want to showcase the love of Christ in a non-judgemental, non-denominational way of good Samaritism.

At this point the Geographic Reach of Living Ministries has only had the opportunity to impact the Cowlitz County. We consider possibilities of helping areas beyond Cowlitz County as opportunity arises.

In the future we would hope to have hands-on experience serving people experiencing homelessness through our own programs.


Because we are a Christian organization, we have worked hard to not portray Living Ministries as a church. As goes with the personal convictions of our members we understand that Christ in us doesn’t only meet up on Sunday in the building of our choice, He must live in us as His Mobile Kingdom. If you are a member of a church we do not want to offend, nor do we want to say any church is better or otherwise than any other. We hope that you find fellowship wherever you feel that you can add to the body and be happy doing it.

We also understand that ministries that are born out of people in any body sometimes grow beyond the walls of the building. This is a beautiful thing, but sometimes that also means that the church it was born in, can no longer provide the same support. It is part of our ministry to step beside those ministries that have outgrown their first home. Since the goal of Living Ministries is to stand beside other groups that help people (and their pets) this seems like the natural progression on our journey.

Living Ministries Affiliated Ministries receive help with their marketing, advice on policies, and volunteers as we can make them available. If they do not have a Board of Directors they can borrow ours. As Living Ministries grows we plan to be able to offer fiscal sponsorships to up-and-coming ministries because we see that the gifting and callings and anointings from God may take up so much time, that business licenses and insurance and taxes may be just a little too much until that ministry has enough regular members and volunteers to carry that burden too.

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