Vampire Protection Neck Cozy!

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Product Information

It’s that time of year again…and so we must worry about attracting the wrong type of relationships…this lovely neck cozy might be just the protection and at the very least it is fun, very warm and very soft and pretty!

The main part is made of 100% acrylic; it is edged with some lovely, fluffy yarn made of polyester. It is machine washable so you will be able to get any blood stains out if it doesn’t work…but we think you should lay it flat to dry to keep the integrity of this lovely accessory.

…Lucky for our model, Melissa Hamilton, she has her hubby to keep her safe!

Price: $10

Shipping/Handling/Online Processing Fee: $7

If we can arrange to meet you in the Kelso-Longview, Washington area for hand delivery we will be glad to give you $5 back instead of charging you for s/h. If you would prefer to not pay with Paypal or Credit Card or arrange a face-to-face meeting please Contact Us. Face-to-Face, cash transactions will NOT include the $7 fee at all… :)

Proudly made by Summer Clemenson.